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Alaska x Qatar Airways

Role / project
Creative Director / Experiential Campaign
Storytelling - Experiential

What was the ask?

Grab attention, start conversation, create buzz, and drive awareness about the global travel options now available through the new Alaska Airlines x Qatar Airways partnership due to Alaska’s membership in the Oneworld Alliance. Activate this powerful partnership on the ground in Seattle, spiking awareness among Seattleites for the Qatar Airways brand and their service from SeaTac.

Success looks like:

● Email sign-ups for info on mileage plan programs for both Qatar Airways and Alaska Airlines
● Awareness of the global travel options the partnership offers
● Social Media conversation
● Earned Media coverage
● Bookings

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With the new partnership between Alaska Airlines and Qatar Airways, Seattle and Doha are more connected today than ever before. We’ll bring this truth to life in Seattle, making connections across cultures that highlight how close Qatar really is, and fueling the global travel aspirations of Millennial Seattleites.

The Solution

Our team was able to carefully craft 4 different concepts to best showcase this partnership between the airlines. Each concept was met with enthusiasm by the Alaska and Qatar teams. Below I will just highlight my favorite concept out of the four presented. If you are interested in any of the others, I'm happy to chat through the full presentation.


Luxury is a lifestyle. Many times, luxury is best experienced through the hottest streetwear trends. Seattle and Doha both know fashion, we’ll harness that mutual love and create the world’s first Airwear collection, luxury drip for the skies.

We’ll collaborate with fashion influencers based in Seattle and Doha to create the ultimate travel outfits, inspired by the hottest streetwear trends from both cities. By utilizing influencers from both markets we’ll ensure the wearables tell the story of both cities culture while also reinforcing the similarities of streetwear culture globally. We would invite influencers to a pop up retail space in a trendy neighborhood in Seattle where we will transform a pop up retail space into an Airwear showroom. It would be a space for hand selected, top shelf influencers, to come and experience a custom curated Airwear outfit made just for them, so they can share with their followers.

Airwear Influencer.

● Outfits curated specifically for each influencer by our lead designer collaborators

● The in-store experience includes a private fitting for each influencer who will be invited to come in at a scheduled time for a try-on experience

● The center of the pop-up is a try-on area with mirrors all around, built for content creation as the influencers document their entire experience

● We’ll extend the influencers experience by surprising them with round trip tickets to Doha on Qatar Airways and they’ll document their entire journey in their new Airwear gear

Airwear On Display.

Storefront display that features the Airwear collection and the Seattle and Doha influencers/designers who created it. QR codes for consumers to enter to win exclusive Airwear gear package.

Swipe Up For Swag.

Since our space is only accessible by influencers, we will use the influencers’ audiences as a vehicle to solicit email signups for a chance to win an exclusive Airwear gear package.


We see this campaign being very scalable for Alaska and oneworld Alliance partners. We could do Airwear collabs working with up-and-coming designers from across the globe.