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Creative Director / Experiential Campaign
Storytelling - Experiential

An Overview of the project

The "YOU RULE" campaign for Burger King was a year-long initiative designed to revitalize the brand and bring back customer loyalty. With a fresh take on the company's "Have it Your Way" slogan, the campaign aimed to position Burger King in a new light and refresh the customer experience. As Creative Director with experiential firm BeCore, I was part of a team that worked alongside OKRP to develop ideas for the campaign's go-to-market strategy. Our role involved presenting a range of concepts - ranging from safe to wild - and ultimately helping to select a few for inclusion in the final strategy being led by OKRP. The goal of the "YOU RULE" campaign was to create a sense of freshness and excitement around the Burger King brand, and our team was able to contribute a range of ideas that helped to make this a reality.

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My two cents for what it's worth

As a seasoned creative director with over 9 years of experience, I believe that Burger King's recent marketing campaigns - while certainly creative and award-winning - have failed to drive significant improvements in customer appreciation, national sentiment, and profitability. In my opinion, the company has relied too heavily on shock and awe tactics rather than focusing on the quality and integrity of its products. While these tactics may have resulted in some impressive creative work, they have not been enough to sustain the brand in the long run. Without a strong product offering and a commitment to integrity, customers will inevitably look elsewhere for their food needs. In order to turn things around, Burger King needs to prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction over attention-grabbing campaigns.

We had some fun with it

As a creative director, I understand that Burger King is not necessarily interested in improving the quality of its products, and so I presented an approach that focused on capturing people's attention rather than improving the product itself. After multiple days of brainstorming and workshops, our team presented around 15 different campaign ideas to the OKRP team. While some of these ideas were more conservative, others were more daring and creative. Of all the ideas we presented, my favorite was one that was wild, fun, creative, and provocative. This idea was exactly the kind of bold, attention-grabbing approach that Burger King needed, and I believe it would have been well-received by the brand's target audience.


As a creative director, I am excited to present a concept that combines elements of religion and fast food to provide a sense of comfort and grounding in times of uncertainty. Our experience would take place in a beautiful, towering church-like structure located in a bustling city center. The temple-like building would be adorned with large stained glass windows depicting images of Burger King's 12 combo meals, and the lobby would be graced with a statue of self-love queen Lizzo, sculpted in the likeness of a Greek god.

Guests would be invited to participate in a full-scale mass, complete with prayers on self-love, praise and worship led by Lizzo and her dancers, and a hilarious sermon from John Mulany. The service would conclude with communion, but instead of receiving the traditional bread and wine, attendees would be handed a Whopper and a large cherry Coke.

This concept celebrates the idea that fast food can be a source of comfort and grounding in difficult times, and the combination of religious imagery and lighthearted elements like Lizzo and John Mulany's sermons would provide a unique and memorable experience for guests. In addition to the main event, the church-like structure would also offer retail outlets and event space, giving guests the opportunity to continue the experience beyond the Mass.

As the Creative Director on this project, I would work closely with the team at Burger King and our experiential firm to bring this concept to life. From developing the visual and thematic elements of the church to coordinating the performances and sermons, I would be responsible for ensuring that every aspect of the experience was cohesive and aligned with the overall "YOU RULE" campaign. By combining a sense of nostalgia and tradition with a modern, provocative twist.


As a creative director, I understand the importance of using data and insights to inform our ideas and strategies. In the fast food landscape, it is clear that customers are looking for something new and exciting to engage with. By understanding this data, we were able to come up with a concept that would surprise and delight customers while also tapping into their need for comfort and familiarity.

The idea of combining elements of religion and fast food may seem unconventional, but it is precisely this unexpected twist that sets our concept apart from the competition. By presenting the Whopper as a source of comfort and grounding in difficult times, we can position Burger King in a new light and appeal to customers who are looking for something different.

In addition to understanding the data on customer preferences in the fast food industry, we also took into account the current cultural climate and the ways in which people are seeking out moments of joy and levity. By incorporating elements of fun and humor, such as Lizzo and John Mulany's performances, we can create an experience that is both memorable and uplifting.

Overall, understanding the data and insights of the fast food landscape was key in developing this concept and positioning Burger King as a brand that is fresh, innovative, and able to adapt to the changing needs of its customers.

This is not what Burger King eventually landed on though...

The idea that won out was an idea called


Whoppertunity: Ways to Rule is a new campaign that is focused on empowering guests to take control of their lives and celebrate the good moments. The centerpiece of the campaign is the Whoppertunity Wagon, a traveling Burger King Kingdom that will bring fun and interactive experiences to various locations around the country. Along with the Wagon, we will also be launching the Whoppertunity App, which will allow guests to determine their Whopper State (celebrate or comfort) through a series of questions and receive personalized menu recommendations and words of encouragement from a celebrity Whoppertunity Steward.

In addition to these core elements, we are also planning a range of Whoppertunity events and experiences, such as workshops and parties, to bring people together and create meaningful connections with our brand. We believe that by offering a range of engaging and personal experiences, we can appeal to a wide range of customers and build a strong sense of community around the Whoppertunity campaign.

As Creative Director, my role was to lead the development of the Whoppertunity campaign and work closely with the team at OKRP and experiential firm BeCore to bring the concept to life. This included collaborating on ideas for the Wagon, App, and events, as well as overseeing the design and execution of all marketing materials and experiences. I am excited to see the impact of the Whoppertunity campaign and believe it has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of our guests.