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Parents as Teachers

Role / project
Senior Art Director
Production - Storytelling

An Overview

Parents As Teachers is an international organization which indirectly employs tens of thousands of workers and provides resources and training for thousands of partner organizations. I'm not showcasing them here for you because they are the sexiest brand I've worked on, but I believe it showcases a campaign with international reach that I played a major role in developing from beginning to end.


As Senior Art Director, I had to learn how to create within the constraints that were given to me. This is a very conservative brand that plays it overly safe because there are so many decision makers worldwide. I believe we were able to not only still take risks, but effectively present it to the client in a way they could grasp and understand.


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Defining the Narrative

Our brief was ambitious - Communicate the impact Parent's as Teachers has worldwide in an emotional way that moves people. After many whiteboard sessions, with lots of really bad ideas, we found our golden nugget. In order to communicate something this large, we had to make it as small as possible. We got intimate with the approach and met our audience where they were at - a young family with a new child, full of love and determination to do everything they can to set their child up for success.

As the campaign progresses, we see the ripple effect of these programs on a larger scale. More and more families are participating, and the impact is being felt in communities around the world. We see parents and children from different cultures and backgrounds, all benefiting from the support and guidance of Parent's as Teachers.

Throughout the campaign, we use simple, relatable imagery and storytelling to bring the message home. We want viewers to feel the emotion and importance of these programs, and to understand that by supporting Parent's as Teachers, they are helping to create a better future for children everywhere.


Our goal was to emotionally communicate the global impact of Parent's as Teachers to young families. After many brainstorming sessions and considering various approaches, we finally landed on a powerful metaphor: "Opening Doors." This metaphor not only illustrates the practical support and guidance provided by Parent's as Teachers educators, but also the limitless opportunities and potential available to children who feel confident and prepared for school. To develop this concept, we conducted extensive research by studying numerous case studies and listening to the experiences of families who have benefited from Parent's as Teachers over the years. Through this research, we aimed to truly understand the transformative power of this organization and how it helps parents open doors for their children's future.


it was my responsibility to oversee every aspect of the commercial production and out-of-home (OOH) elements that would be distributed to partners worldwide. This included working with a copywriter to develop ideas for the commercial, selecting the best production company through a thorough evaluation process, collaborating with the production team on casting, art direction, script development, storyboards, animation, photography, design, and overseeing the entire production process. I was heavily involved in the decision-making process, from choosing the right production house to casting the talent and selecting shooting locations. During the three-day shoot across Los Angeles, I worked closely with the in-house art department to ensure that each scene was set up to perfection.



It was my responsibility to ensure that every aspect of the campaign was executed to the highest standard, while also staying true to the values and mission of Parent's as Teachers. This involved collaborating with a copywriter to develop the concept for the commercial, carefully selecting a production company, overseeing the casting process, and working closely with the art department to bring the story to life through animation, design, and photography.

Throughout the process, I made sure to keep the needs and perspectives of our target audience - new parents - at the forefront of our decision-making, and to take calculated risks that were grounded in the data we had collected. To further extend the reach of the campaign, we recorded multiple voiceovers in different languages and for different audiences, and I personally captured photographs that were used for billboards, social ads, and other materials distributed worldwide. It was a challenging but rewarding project, and I am proud of the work we produced.


• Be flexible and open to change. While it's important to have a strong vision and plan, it's equally important to be open to pivot if needed. We had to be adaptable and flexible as we gathered more information and feedback from our clients and stakeholders.

• Communicate clearly and regularly. It's important to keep all team members and clients informed and up-to-date on the progress and changes of the project. By maintaining open lines of communication, we were able to minimize misunderstandings and keep the project on track.

• Stay organized and manage your time effectively. With so many moving parts and stakeholders involved in this project, it was crucial to stay organized and manage our time effectively. By staying on top of deadlines and delegating tasks appropriately, we were able to deliver a successful campaign on time and on budget.