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Good ol boys

In 2019, I was approached by the local CMO of STAG beer to refresh the brand's image and give it new life. STAG is a beloved blue collar beer in the midwest, known for its iconic dirty brown golden can with deer antlers. However, new creative at Pabst had decided to change the can design, and we were tasked with presenting a new image for the brand. We worked on multiple productions and updated the visuals to modernize and revitalize STAG beer. Despite being a well-known and beloved brand, we knew we had to approach this project with fresh eyes and ideas to make STAG relevant and appealing to a new generation of beer drinkers.

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As the Creative Director on this project, my main focus was on creating a new visual narrative for STAG beer that would resonate with its core blue collar audience. Working closely with the local CMO, we developed a plan to produce a series of videos and photoshoots that would showcase the everyday hardworking people who have been loyal STAG drinkers for decades. We wanted to honor and celebrate their lifestyles, and show how STAG beer fits into that.

We traveled to different parts of the midwest, capturing authentic moments and stories of real people who embody the values of STAG. From mechanics and construction workers, to truck drivers and factory workers, we interviewed and photographed a diverse range of individuals who all have a special connection to STAG beer. It was important to us to stay true to the brand's roots and not try to portray a polished or artificial image.

The final result was a series of compelling video and photo content that genuinely captured the essence of STAG and its blue collar audience. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both consumers and the client, and it was gratifying to see our work have a meaningful impact on the brand.

Got weird with it

We knew that STAG needed to stand out, and the new packaging was definitely a step in the right direction. But we also wanted to bring the brand to life through engaging visual content that really showed off the unique personality of STAG. We wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be a blue collar worker, and the pride that comes with that type of work. For the first production shoot, we focused on the retro aspect of the brand, incorporating elements of nostalgia and history. We scoured the city for the perfect location, finally settling on a vintage record store that had a cool, vintage vibe. We brought in a group of 35mm disposable cameras, a model, and a few bottles of the original STAG design. The goal was to showcase the original design alongside a younger face, in a space that was beloved by both generations. This was meant to be the bridge between the old brand and the new one.

For the second production shoot, we wanted to really capture the bold, energetic spirit of the new STAG brand. We chose a classic midwestern lake house as the setting, and brought in a diverse group of models to really show off the personality of the brand. We had a BBQ, played games, and just had a great time together. The goal was to capture the fun, energetic spirit of STAG, and show that it was a brand that was meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Overall, both production shoots were a huge success, and we were able to create a wealth of engaging visual content that really brought the STAG brand to life.