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City Foundry STL

Role / project
Creative Director
UX-UI - Brand Management

An Overview

City Foundry is a multi-fauceted 100K+ sq. ft entertainment district with a food hall, retail outlets, and event space in the heart of St. Louis MO.

As creative director on this project, I had the opportunity to bring the vision of the City Foundry to life through a variety of marketing materials. One of the main challenges we faced was finding a way to showcase the history and character of the original building while also promoting the modern amenities and attractions of the new entertainment district. To do this, we incorporated elements of the original architecture and graffiti into our designs, highlighting the unique blend of old and new that the City Foundry offers.

In addition to visual materials, I also worked on developing the narrative and messaging for the City Foundry. With such a diverse range of offerings, from the food hall to the event space, it was important to find a way to tie everything together under a cohesive brand. We focused on the idea of the City Foundry as a hub for creativity and community, emphasizing the role it plays in bringing people together and providing a platform for local businesses and creators.

Overall, my role on this project was to help bring the City Foundry to life through creative direction and design, capturing the energy and character of this exciting new development in the heart of St. Louis.

One of my main goals was working directly with their digital experience in their UX and UI. This included the website, mobile app, and any other digital touchpoints that the customers would interact with. It was important to me that the design was cohesive across all platforms and accurately reflected the unique character of the City Foundry. I worked closely with the founders and builders to ensure that the history and spirit of the original building was incorporated into the design. This included preserving as much of the graffiti and original features as possible, and incorporating them into the final design. I also made sure to include interactive elements that would engage customers and give them a sense of the diverse offerings at the City Foundry, including the food hall, retail outlets, and event space. Overall, my goal was to create a seamless and immersive user experience that captured the energy and character of the City Foundry.

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The City's Reaction

One of the biggest challenges we faced with this project was how to keep the public engaged and excited about The City Foundry over the course of such a long period of time. This required a careful balance of releasing just enough information to pique people's curiosity, while still maintaining a level of exclusivity and mystery. We also had to be flexible and adaptable, as the project evolved and changed over time. Ultimately, I think we were successful in building up a sense of anticipation and hype around The City Foundry, which helped to generate buzz and drive foot traffic when it finally opened its doors.

My Role

As the creative director for this project, my role was to bring the vision of the City Foundry to life and ensure that it was effectively communicated to the public. This involved working closely with the development team to craft the visual, social, and creative story of the City Foundry, as well as taking on various roles such as art director, designer, photographer, and web developer to bring that story to fruition. It was a collaborative process that required a lot of creativity, flexibility, and attention to detail. The end result is a thriving entertainment district that is enjoyed by thousands of people every day and serves as a testament to the rich history of St. Louis.