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Creative Director / Experiential Campaign
Storytelling - Experiential
The Masters
The Masters
The Masters
The Masters


I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with OKRP and BeCore on the Masters campaign. The Masters is a world-renowned event, and it was an exciting challenge to come up with creative ways to engage audiences beyond the traditional golf fans. Working with the team at BeCore, we developed a range of concepts that would appeal to a diverse range of interests, including fashion, music, and cars. It was a challenging and rewarding project, and I'm proud of the work we did to bring these concepts to life.

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As creative director, it was my job to lead the ideation process and ensure that our concepts were not only visually compelling and impactful, but also aligned with the overall goals of the Masters campaign. We had to consider the target audience for each concept, as well as the logistical challenges of bringing them to life at an event as large and complex as the Masters. It was essential that we created concepts that would truly engage and excite attendees, while also staying true to the brand and values of the Masters. Developing experiential marketing concepts for the Masters was a unique and demanding project, but it was also incredibly rewarding to see our ideas come to fruition and be embraced by the audience.


I was especially excited to work on the fashion concept for the Masters campaign, because I have a deep love for fashion and I knew that this was an area where we could really push the boundaries and do something unique. The idea was to partner with Tyler the Creator and his golf fashion line LeFluer to create a series of pieces that would appeal to both the fashion industry and the next generation of golfers. We wanted to take the iconic Pantone Color P432, which is the trademarked green used by the Masters brand, and reinterpret it in a fresh and modern way. We decided to incorporate other colors into the line as well, such as gold, which is a staple of the LeFluer brand.

To debut this concept, we came up with the idea of a guerrilla-style fashion show in the middle of a busy intersection in the fashion districts of LA, NY, and Paris. We wanted to create a sense of excitement and surprise, and what better way to do that than by popping up in the middle of a crowded city street? We imagined Tyler the Creator performing on a miniature golf green that was covered in over-the-top greenery, with models walking up and down the fairway in the P432 outfits. We knew that this would be the perfect way to grab the attention of media and influencers, and we hoped it would generate a lot of positive PR for the Masters brand. Overall, it was a fun and challenging project that allowed me to use my creativity and storytelling skills to help bring a unique and memorable experience to life.

  • One of the main challenges we faced was finding a way to appeal to both the fashion industry and traditional golf fans. We knew that the Pantone Color P432, commonly known as the Masters Brand Green, was a trademarked color with a lot of history in the golf world, but we wanted to find a way to make it relevant to a younger, fashion-forward audience.
  • To do this, we decided to build out a fashion-forward concept featuring Tyler the Creator and his thriving golf fashion line LeFluer. This concept would showcase a range of pieces featuring the iconic P432 green as well as highlights of the brand's staple gold color.
  • We wanted to debut this concept in a bold, attention-grabbing way, so we decided to host a gorilla-style fashion show in the middle of busy intersections in fashion districts such as LA, NY, and Paris. This would allow us to attract media attention and key influencers, as well as build a crowd to create positive PR for the Masters brand.
  • During the fashion show, we would have Tyler the Creator perform on a build-out golf green in the middle of an asphalt street, surrounded by willy wonka-style greenery that looked more like a track from Mario Cart. Models dressed in the P342 fashion pieces would walk up and down the green, creating a visually striking and memorable experience.
  • By thinking creatively and taking a design-forward approach, we were able to create a concept that appealed to both traditional golf fans and the fashion industry, and helped to elevate the Masters brand in the eyes of a younger audience.